Checklists for travel

Download this checklist. Last updated Friday 9 July 2021.

Travel to France checklist

These are requirements at the French border and will be checked by your carrier prior to travel. Each person needs:

  • Passport with minimum six months validity
  • European Health Insurance card (EHIC) or Global Health insurance card (GHIC) if applied for since 1st January 2021
  • Signed “Sworn Undertaking” stating you don’t have Covid symptoms and haven’t been in contact with an infected person. There’s a copy here for you to download or visit the French government website.
  • For those aged over 11, a negative Covid test certificate less than 48hrs old for Lateral Flow/Antigen or less than 72 hrs old for a PCR test. See below for our tips on tests.
  • For those aged over 18 or over, proof of full vaccination completed at least 14 days previously. The NHS app can be used for this purpose.

Return to the UK checklist

These requirements will be checked at the UK border and will probably be verified by your carrier prior to travel. Each person needs:

  • Evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result, taken up to 3 days before leaving France. These are widely available in the Vendée and all cost €49 each. The LPO team will give you details.
  • Evidence that you’ve booked a PCR test in the UK for the second day after your arrival.
  • You need to have filled in the short online Passenger Locator form which will give you a code to show on your phone.


Booking and obtaining tests is your responsibility. Here are some tips that may help you.

  • Shop around! Prices vary a lot and so do levels of service. Try the comparison website
  • If you can get to a local testing centre, usually airports or city centres, prices are lower
  • If you can’t get to a testing centre, you’ll need to order a test, self-test at home and then send your swab to the testing lab. The result is then emailed to you.
  • A mid-way option is offered, for example, by some branches of Boots. You visit the branch to be tested then they send it for analysis and email you the result.

Travelling out via Portsmouth? Consider booking your test at Gatwick where there are various options with results in 90 minutes, about the time you’ll be driving into the ferry terminal. Prices are attractive too.