Le Conseil d'Administration de Spring Harvest Holidays

Le Conseil d'Administration de Spring Harvest Holidays est composé de quatre directeurs. En outre, Steve May-Miller (PDG) et Dave Bentley (directeur du parc) assistent aux réunions et participent à la prise de décisions stratégiques.

Rev Dr Jean Louis Pecher is Chair of the Board of directors. He has worked as an IT consultant, a church pastor and for one season as Park Directeur at LPO. He is currently a curate in the Church of England, helping to plant a church in inner-city Leeds.

Alison Dorricott’s connection with LPO goes back over fifteen years. A French speaker, she was the inspiration behind our Houseparty holiday for singles and couples and she brings her considerable horticultural knowledge to bear on LPO matters.

David Dorricott has been involved with LPO since before day one. He initially trained in Forestry and now runs an IT company so brings a wide range of knowledge and skills to the company’s planning and strategy.

Peter Martin has been working with Spring Harvest and the Essential Christian group for over 25 years. He is Executive Vice Chair of the Essential Christian Board. He brings a wealth of business knowledge and wisdom to the discussions of the Board.

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